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Tasty Nimco

Home Delivery Available All Over Karachi On Same Day And Nimco can be delivered All Over Pakistan Contact us on WhatsApp +92-3121754859 for Fast Response and To Place your Orders

About us

Tasty Nimco was founded in 1970 by Murtaza Hussain, since then we are trying our best to provide the best quality snacks to our customers. When we started our menu had only few items like Samosa, Rolls and tea snacks.

Now in 2022 our menu is around 35 plus items with amazing Frozen and Nimco items.

We would encourage every snack lover to give us a try.

Our menu includes Rolls, Samosa’s, Cheese Samosa and Rolls, Shami Kababs, Chicken Boti Rolls and Samosas, Wontons, Chimi Changa, Kofta and much more.

Feel free to download our menu and order online from our website or place order through whatsapp.