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Lal Phalli (Peanuts) 150 Gms

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Indulge in the crisp and vibrant goodness of our fresh Lal Phalli in karachi (Red Radish) sourced directly from the fertile fields of Karachi. Known for its distinct peppery flavor and crunchy texture, these radiant red radishes add a burst of color and nutrition to your culinary creations.

Handpicked at the peak of freshness, our Lal Phalli ensures you get the best quality produce delivered to your doorstep. Packed with essential nutrients, including vitamins and antioxidants, these red radishes contribute not only to the visual appeal of your dishes but also to your overall well-being.

Whether sliced into salads, added to sandwiches, or enjoyed as a standalone snack, our Lal Phalli from Karachi guarantees a delightful and healthful culinary experience. Elevate your meals with the unmistakable taste of freshness – order our premium Lal Phalli today and savor the difference in every bite.

1 review for Lal Phalli (Peanuts) 150 Gms

  1. Nida Saleem

    Lal Phalli (Peanuts) are a classic, and this brand has perfected them! The roasting process brings out the natural nuttiness, and the touch of red chili adds just the right amount of heat. These peanuts are a staple in my snack cupboard, and I can’t recommend them enough. Five stars for the consistently excellent quality!

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