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Chicken Burger Patty PCS (Per Box 6)

SKU: chicken-burger-patty-pcs-(per-box-6)

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In Stock
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Indulge your taste buds with our exquisite Chicken Burger Patty in Karachi! Crafted with succulent, premium chicken, our patties guarantee a mouthwatering experience. Bursting with savory flavors, each bite promises a perfect blend of spices and juiciness. Ideal for homemade burgers or grilling sessions, these patties redefine culinary delight. Trust the quality of Karachi’s finest chicken, expertly seasoned for a memorable dining experience. Elevate your meals with the irresistible appeal of our Chicken Burger Patty – a true delight for burger enthusiasts!

1 review for Chicken Burger Patty PCS (Per Box 6)

  1. Nida Yousuf

    Tasty Nimco’s Chicken Burger Patty is a flavor-packed delight! Succulent chicken and the perfect blend of seasonings make these patties a five-star choice. Convenient and delicious – a must-have for burger enthusiasts!

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